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Women with advanced cancer often have troubling cancer symptoms. Physical symptoms usually depend on the specific type of cancer a women has and where it has spread.

However, sometimes the signs and symptoms can be so common and unexpected that most women are ignoring.

 According to National Cancer Institute, the most common cancers in women are: Skin cancer, Breast Cancer, Lung Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Uterine Cancer and Ovarian cancer.

As you probably know, cancer is one of the most silent diseases and it is often diagnosed when it reaches an advanced stage. Thus the importance of cancer awareness.

The goal of cancer awareness campaigns is to increase awareness and reduce the stigma linked to the symptoms of cancer and treatment. As a result, cancer cases are being diagnosed earlier at a stage when the cancer treatment is more effective.

Here are 15 Unexpected Cancer Symptoms Every Woman Should Know:

The first signs can be so common that some women might ignore them…

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